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Preventing poverty with the power of data driven technology

Using technology to minimize the financial fallout from the “New Poor”*

80 million households will struggle financially this winter.

20% of Europeans are currently at risk of poverty

*The term was coined by the World Bank to describe the population (est. 70M-100M people) pushed into poverty status due to the COVID19 pandemic and the recent economic crises

The Problem

The "New Poor" are unable to meet their financial obligations, and this imposes a burden on government and business enterprises

The Goverment sepend more than 800 Billion per year on these programs

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Worldwide status

40% of middle-income households need immediate assistance.  

71-100 million people that may  descend into poverty as a result of the recent economic crisis. 

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Our Solution

Citizen Impact can help prevent families from descending into poverty: this is how we do it

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How it works

1. Scanning & Detecting
  • Relevant Populations 

  • service providers

2. Intervention
  • The Resident Receives And Proceeds With A Personalized Plan 

3. Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring with Resident application

4. Success & Feedback
  • Keeping The populations From Joining The Ranks 

The Outcomes


70% success

rate utilizing existing resources only

Early detection + AI = Exceptional success

We Serve


 and Governments

Bank & Credit card companies



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Advisory board


Chemi Peres

  • LinkedIn

Eitan Katz

  • LinkedIn
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Eran Nitzan

Ariel Napchi

  • LinkedIn
Dr-Shoshana-Feingold-Studnik photo.webp

Dr. Shoshana Feingold-Studnik

  • LinkedIn

Etay Kashtan

  • LinkedIn

Alon Atsmon

  • LinkedIn

Galia Albin

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Our partners

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